1. I can certainly understand why you like SE Asia so much. The waters look gorgeous, and it sounds very affordable. I want to go as well, but 2019 or after.
    I read that you want to visit the US and you listed Vega. Why????? If you like nature and beautiful places, there are so many much better nicer places than Vegas. I live in the US, travel all over the US and Vegas is at the bottom of my list. We are planning our 2018 trip – the American Southwest – talk about beautiful nature – you’ll find it there. If it is coastal beauty you prfer (that is not Vegas), consider, Oregon, California (La Jolla), Maine, Connecticut, Outerbanks of North Carolina, South Carolina, even New Jersey where the beaches are expansive.

    • Mirela

      Thank you for your comment! You are right, but Vegas is a dream from my childhood 🙂 Of course, the America Southwest has many beautiful place, maybe one day I will go there. I kindly recommend you to include SE Asia on your bucket list, it„s an amazing place, beautiful people, delicious fruits and nice beaches 🙂

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