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I’m very excited to announce that aboutvarioushings has been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award.

I would like to thank Jemma Jones for this nomination. This cute girl is very inspired and I like how she writes her stories on her blog The Traveling Pixie.

She left her home in Australia a decade ago and, all this time, she crossed the globe trying out all the possible dishes from the places she visited. She writes about flavors and dishes from all over the world, encouraging others to reach their dreams.

What is a Blogger Recognition Award?

This award is passed by bloggers to other bloggers who appreciate and recognize their strong work and the effort they invest in each post.

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

  •  Thank the blogger who appointed you and provide a link to his blog
  • Write a post to show the award.
  • Write a short story about how your blog started.
  • Give two tips to new bloggers.
  • Nominate other 15 bloggers you want to nominate for this award.
  •  Comment on each blog and tell them you have nominated them and provide the link for the post you created.

How did I start my blog?

I started to write on this blog from the desire to share my life experiences with people, approaching beauty in all aspects, but also about traveling. Although I am quite small in the blogger world, I want to give my readers the trust I have in my own person and give them the courage to do the same.

Tips for new bloggers:


Writing on the blog is not an easy task, and the results will appear over time. Do not abandon your blog writing, continue to get involved and do things very well.

In time you will have both disappointments and great satisfactions, you only have to resist.

Be present:

Think positively, write with passion, constantly and persevere. Promote your articles across all social platforms with a link to your blog. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers, get collaborations and make friends.

Have fun:

Do not write on your blog because “you have to,” do it with pleasure, even if it takes too long. Tell your experiences because you want to do this.

My nominees:


cristian cezar travels









Momma To Go







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