1. Wow… Japan sounds so amazing! I wish i could go there soon 🙂 Definitely now on my bucket list! The castle view looks super cool too 🙂 Are the japanese as nice/respectful as they say they are?

  2. Looks amazing! That beautiful nature against the urban scenery…. npt too keen on the way theyre addictrd to those phones…. maybe they need to ban smartphones from public areas so people actually make eye contact lol

  3. I completely agree with your comment about the dressing style of the Japanese girls, I love it too! I was observing their clothes most of the time I was in a train and absolutely loved their style. The Osaka castle is beautiful and with the cherry blossoms (which I unfortunately missed), it looks even prettier!

  4. Wow!! I always wanted to go to Japan, one of my desired destinations. And cherry blossoms!! I want to see and feel it! I love your photos and you captured all the wonderful places! Thanks for sharing.

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