Culinary debauchery at Jurilovca


Dozens of pots boiling at the same time, and a great crowd of people who looked beyond the  perfectly lined up tables, waiting for the fish borscht, was the image that caught my attention as soon as I got to the little Jurilovca harbor. Neither did we leave home with other thoughts. If it’s borscht … well borsch be !!! 🙂


How we got to Jurilovca

It is the first year we gave up any other program to come to this culinary event, I was attracted by the famous borscht fish and my husband attracted to the idea of ​​a field party. We left Constanta by car at about 12 o’clock and just over an hour we were at the entrance to Jurilovca.

We were just entering the locality when we saw a lot of cars looking for a parking lot in front of us. Our GPS, somewhat smarter than us, has turned us off the main street and departed us to a parallel street. Neither there were we lucky enough to find a parking lot from the first attempts. After a few tours of force through the dusty roads, we found a place where we squeezed the car carefully, trying hard not to touch the little little cherry that had just risen.


How it was at the borscht feast

A tough September day, lots of people, tons of fish, music, dances, folk craftsmen, sweets and cheerful people. What should we stop to first? As soon as we headed down to the harbor, we went to the left and we were approached by Toader Gheorghe, a stone and wood sculptor, a harsh and proud local of his works. He had reasons to be so. His works held me for a minute in front of the stand. I enjoyed talking to him and finding out that he has many diplomas of excellence and has participated in numerous national and international fairs and festivals.



I went further, attracted by the traditional clothes that some very chic ladies wore and that were preparing to climb on stage for their artistic moment.



I tried hard to resist for more than 5 minutes in front of the beautiful scene on a small island in front of the floating hotel, but the well-cooked fish smell dragged me in the opposite direction. Where we saw the bigger line there was where we sat down. I knew there was the famous borscht. But things were not that simple. The central idea of ​​this event is that if you want, you can get for free a healthy portion of fish borsch, or even more than one, but for that you have to face a lot of greedy people, some hungry, some nervous and others full of nerve. We have had patience, otherwise we could not have eaten this preparation.



For 40 minutes we waited for our turn and we experienced the same sensations as most other greedy ones in the line. Beyond the row of lined tables there were some ladies who had portions of the borscht, put it in disposable bowls they held on a tray and waited… and waited… and waited… Some old lads  were desperately calling them to come to our table.

Occasional waiters started from the improvised kitchen to the tables they chose randomly, there was no rule at which the next borscht potions came, and that increased frustration among people, especially the elderly. It was an exciting experience and it was worth the wait. I ate the best fish borscht in my life. Sufficiently sour, with plenty of fish in it, was absolutely delicious.



With freshened supplies, I went to look for the place where the pots boiled, because I was eager to take pictures of them. And we found the most clever fishermen in the area, who had an important task to do this day: they prepared the 50 borscht boiling pots and, as they themselves said, everyone would have to do that a few times, throughout the day. This is no wonder, given the fact that 18 tonnes of borscht of 5 tonnes of fish have been made. Oops!!! And I just ate a small bowl 🙂



We left the pots to boil and we went to buy fish supplies for home. Well, it was the day of fish 🙂 I’ve been in a queue about an hour for the best fish fried with corn flour. If you are hungry, go over the pictures section 🙂



Right next to the fish dish was a merchant who made stum right there and attracted tourists with that particular smell.



We just bought some elder juice and we were preparing to sip from the cup, when Aunt Florica called us to taste her home-made cakes, which looked in a great way 🙂 After telling us that for years she bakes some of the best cakes in the area, I bought a few, because not all our family members are on a diet 🙂



We would have liked to stay until late at night but the warmth of the day tired us and we went home with the satisfaction of a beautiful day.



Prices for some products

As is to be expected, at such events prices are not small at all, but caught between the fever of things and the seductive smells, you do not realize how the money in your wallet flies.

  • On 6 big guvid and two slices of fried carp we paid 55 RON
  • I bought 2 jars of marinated fish and I paid for both 40 RON
  • 6 home cooked cookies cost me 30 RON
  • one beer was 5 RON


Tips for next year

  • Do not try to get to the event very close to the harbor, there are hundreds of cars in the locality and it will be difficult even to just advance
  • Look for a parking spot where the village begins and go the harbor admiring the traditional houses and the local beauty
  • arm yourself with great patience and taste the fish borscht
  • Buy local products,  they are very good
  • Get familiar with the locals, they are beautiful people
  • Get into the atmosphere of the event

Have you ever attended this kind of borscht festival?

I leave you with more pictures of the event here.



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