Facebook – 10 reasons not to love it

I have had an account on this site for six years now and all this time I’ve been following my friends’ activities and, I will not be a hypocrite, I was pleased that we can be in touch, even virtually, since madness around us and haste with which things happen do not allow us even to sit chatting and sipping coffee. I have not many friends on Facebook, I refused those who have tried to have me in their list just to increase their number of friends or because we have “friends” in common. For a while, I was happy to keep in touch with my few friends, about 250 in number.


But good things do not last for a long time, hence Facebook has also changed. What bothers about my “friends”:

  1. They wish “Happy Birthday” to me on Facebook. Seriously??? Why??? That is in case they still remember when I celebrate my birthday, that information being removed on public page a long time ago.
  2. They let me know they’re depressed as theri boyfriends/girlfriends left them and accompanying information with depressing quotes … this is a reason to suffer together, but just to let everyone know especially that few days before they posed as the happiest couple?
  3. They post information that they will reach a certain place, such as: “on the way to Bucharest” continuing with “is anyone else coming?” They post that they are dinning out. Really now, why should I care that X is eating “delicious food at the Chinese”??? Totally unimportant, I don’t care when you leave, even if you stop eating at the gas station or elsewhere.
  4. They blatantly distorts Romanian language, no need for examples, but I refer to individuals whom really did not expect.
  5. They are proud of drinking “beer with Mugur Mihaescu”, given that they are bartenders at the pub where the event will take place and, due to the nature of the job, they will be in the area in which the comedian will perform his number.
  6. They congratulate for graduating driving school, or a certain course. No need to be informed in this way, if we are close in real life, I will definitely find out and I’ll congratulate you personally, and if we do not have much in common, you will not be reviewed for this reason.
  7. They take selfies accompanied by the latest acquisitions in a ridiculous way, as it can be cardboard eggs and accompanying images with comments like: “I’m getting ready to eat them”. Bon appetite, but I can start my day without knowing what you have for breakfast.
  8. Another “friend” is posing near the stove and telling me that she is cooking pumpkin pie. You grew in my eyes 🙂 Especially I smell it even here and she hasn’t burned it. 🙂
  9. Others tell me “good night” every night. I hope they hear me answer.
  10. They express aggressively their polical views with explicit videos and pictures with dull favorites.

10a. Looking forward to end the election campaign!

It’s only 10, it is enough to open Facebook and I can also find another 1,000 reasons. This article is pure fiction. No offense! Any resemblance to real people is absolutely accidental. My good friends know why. Even those on Facebook.

In fact, Facebook may also have useful content, especially when information is of interest and helpful. And because children have access to computers since early years of life, it might be useful for teachers to do personal interactive pages, starting from the proper use of the Romanian language.

Thank you for visiting me and I am waiting for you here!


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