First steps towards my blog


Hi everyone!

Let’s meet each other: I’m Mirela, keen traveler, both from desire to see new places, and due to nature of my job, but also a great lover of beauty products.

The question comes naturally: why made myself a blog? I think I have something to say about my interests and I want to share with you, who will read me, impressions, suggestions, common interests. I have read many interesting blogs, some made me become addicted to, I read them obsessively every day, they inspired me in many of my choices related to travel and cleaning and beauty products.

I owe a lot to some virtual “friends” whom I do not know personally, but whom I “read” and “stole” ideas from in terms of beauty. I thank them because, without being aware of that, they opened some horizons I thought foreign to me. I learned to pay attention to details, not let myself tempted by appearances and put a high value on quality.

So much for my introduction! I thank those who will discover and support me!


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