How I managed to keep under control my seborrheic dermatitis

I have struggled with this skin condition for over 10 years. I’m not exaggerating, and during this time you can imagine I have tested dozens of “miracle cures” recommended by dermatologists. This skin condition occurs in areas rich in sebaceous glands, especially on the face, and scalp and manifests by patches of red, scaly and peeling skin. I am not insisting on details as they can be found easily on the Internet.

I contacted this eczema as a result of inadequate cosmetic treatments, moreover, 10-15 years ago beauty salons were not so well equipped and even hygienic conditions were not like today. I remember the lady who made my facial, somewhere in an apartment in Iasi, called her clients without without using disinfectant after every client. And so I got myself a condition for life! It still has not been found a cure against seborrheic dermatitis.

No treatment used had no effect on the long term, only 2-3 days to relieve skin itching and then come back and another layer of skin ran. Different doctors, different treatments … I have used for many years Hydrocortisone, which I later learned is not recommended for long term treatments. Then Nizoral cream that was more easily tolerated by my skin. However, the problem was solved for a few days. I got addicted to this ointment and I didn’t leave home without it.

After many years, I found a great article on the Internet, over which I stumbled and almost led to solve my problem. I was in a constant search for moisturizing creams for sensitive skin (it’s easy to see that my skin does not easily tolerate any cream) and I read an article about Paula`s Choice products. One girl told how her brother, who was suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, managed to keep this skin problem under control with Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel from Paula`s Choice. I ordered the product immediately (a few years ago some girls in Romania sold products of this brand), and it truly had an effect on my skin.

Paula`s Choice


I’ve been using this mosturising for 3 years, at first every day, then rarer, and now I apply it about once a month when I feel slight itching of the face. Although the properties of the gel are to stimulate collagen and minimize pores and reduce face and eye area wrinkles, it’s been miraculous to me: I can control seborrheic dermatitis and I no longer need to use this gel very often.

Regarding shampoos, I have not found one that would solve scalp problem, although I have tried almost everything pharmacies are recommending. I am currently using Head & Shoulders and, recently, I have ordered a shampoo on iHerb that I can not wait to test it and then tell you about it.

This is my experience, I do not know how well this moisturizer reacts to other complexions nor which ingredient in the gel was beneficial, but if you have also tried various treatments and none had the expected results, it could be an option to consider. There will be no overnight miracles, I observed positive effects after one year of daily application. So it takes patience.

I hope my advice will be useful. All the best!


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