1. This post shows that you truly enjoyed the Asian food and arts on offer at the festival.

    For outsiders, Asia may seem as a single entity or continent. But for me living in India, I get a culture shock just by leaving my state border and entering the neighbouring state, not to mention crossing national boundaries.

    I hope you get to travel more of the different countries of Asia and sure your readers here would love reading every bit of it on your blog.

    Thanks for changing the font.

  2. Hamdy Badran

    First I am with Anand that I have to thank you for changing the Font type . I like the far East magic and beauty, It’s a unique beauty that you recognise it easily, And you added additional beauty to the already beautiful culture. YOU took us in various cultures starting from the dressings and dancing to their unique food . But I want finaly from our beautiful lady to change all the costs to US $ or EUR currency to understand the exact costs that you paid. Or totell us how much 50 Lei equall in $ or EUR .

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