James Bond Island – a beautiful place in Thailand

I am again on the sunny beaches in Thailand, this time just thinking, while telling you about the other experiences I have lived there. And because we wanted to set foot on as many islands, we chose to go on the first long trip, which would take us almost a whole day. Destination – James Bond Island, in Phang-Nga Bay where, in 1974, “The Man with a Golden Gun” had been filmed. I contacted an agency from dozens of existing agencies in Ao Nang and the next day, at 7am, we were picked up by a lady – a local guide – who drove us to a minibus. Together with some other people, after a journey of about an hour and a half, we were transferred to a boat and … to the 007 agent island.

The boat trip to the island was spectacular. Spacious mangrove forests, breathtaking scenery, numerous “high seas” rocks and incredible turquoise water complete the images of a fairy tale.


At one point we came close to a Muslim fishing village suspended on the water, but where we only stopped when we left the famous rock.

After another half an hour of boat ride we reached James Bond Island. A very beautiful, but extremely crowded, place with stalls and sellers of all kind of souvenirs, with many tourists looking for the best place to immortalize the famous rock.


Here everything is very well organized and we had an exact time to return to the boat and headed for the following destination: canoeing. I was a little scared because it was the first time I did this. The guy who accompanied us was a bit nasty, he started making some fun moves with the two of us in canoe, and we did not even have rescue vests. Finally, I went to another part of the sea with some cracks in the rocks, I saw impressive lagoons, but the most cool experience was when we passed through a hole in the rock, where we had to stretch out on our backs and do not lift a finger, not to hit the wall that threatening rose above us. I cried a little, I don’t know whether of pleasure or fear, anyway, it was a pleasant and slightly scary feeling at the same time. Our rowing man laughed at us and, from time to time, amplified my sense of utmost astonishment: wow, beautiful, amazing, nice man, he knew how to sell well and that we would leave a tip at the end (all over the place in Thailand, even if you paid the service, you find everywhere a box where you were asked to give tips if you were satisfied with the service).


Vendors provided coconuts, whose milk was excellent at 40 degrees and it costs only 40 baht (about 5 RON).

Happy that we escaped safe and sound and tanned, against our will and despite the SPF 50 sunscreen, we went to have lunch, all inclusive, into the suspended Muslim village that I told you earlier. Entrance in the village is directly through the restaurant.


It was amazing to see how people lived there, because it is a village in the true sense of the word: they have a mosque, a school, a great bazaar, a bank and even a football field, all functional and built on some wooden pillars erecting directly from the water. Some constructions seemed to fall imminently. I do not even understand how these people have the courage to live there in the middle of the sea. I also saw an aspect I did not like, unfortunately, but I realized that this is part of their life: throwing household waste directly into the sea, and the water around the village was pretty dirty. We walked a bit on the busy streets, enjoyed great seafood, rice and Thai chicken. Residents of this Phang Nga province live from fishing, selling souvenirs and this very large restaurant, always full at lunch time.

Who could sleep here?

We continued our boat trip to the pier where the same minibus we had come in the morning was waiting for us. On the way to our hotel, we stopped at a Buddhist temple in a cave, but I was more attracted to the monkeys around the cave, which were very numerous, playful and… hungry.


Then we went to the hotel and in the evening I negotiated a private long-tail boat trip only for the two of us for the next day (here everything is negotiating, and for me it has become a pleasure to do that).

Thailand has many others places that you can visit and this not only in Southern part of it. I would like that, for my next trip in this magic country, to arrive in the Northers part. Chiang May is one of tourists first option. You may read here some impressions from this part of the world.

I finished the evening with a fabulous dinner, like all the others.





I went to sleep thinking of tomorrow’s excursion, when we’ll have a boat just for us, we’ll go on some beautiful beaches and we’ll do snorkeling for the first time. My husband got an idea: what if we would be trying scuba diving on the following day?!? Hmm … .. we’ll see.

See you soon!

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