Local attractions in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The days spent in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh – Saigon – slipped through our fingers and here we are on the last day of our stay here. We started in the morning with cold coffee, which we enjoyed in a park, under the exotic trees, accompanied by birds and supervised by the sun rays that were too friendly from the early hours.



IMG_7780Then we started walking around the city with the intention of seeing some important landmarks, other than Ben Than night market and the terraces surrounding the hotel 🙂 One of them was Hard Rock Cafe, for which we made a passion and we do not leave from a city before buying a guitar keychain, which we bring to the country and join the existing collection.




Just when we were in front of the Ho Chi Minh City Museum and we were wondering if we had enough time to visit it, we woke up in front of a native who sold coconuts, good enough to calm our thirst and fool a little the grades in the thermometers.




We left the museum behind and we headed to Saigon’s central post, built by Gustav Eiffel, a beautiful and impressive building from where you can send postcards back home. It is built in Gothic style with a stunning architecture, and its interior deserves to endure the outside temperature and see the wonder of it.





We bought a few souvenirs in a hurry and crossed the street for another Ho Chi Minh emblematic objective, Notre Dame Cathedral. The building itself is very beautiful, with two towers nearly 60 meters tall, which attract the passers-by, and on Sundays, solemn ceremonies are held in both Vietnamese and English.


Melted by the heat, we searched a terrace for a cold beer, but when we looked down on ice coffee, we forgot why we came there 🙂 It is said that the best cold coffee you find in Vietnam, and I can confirm that.



While we were resting our feet and making plans for the next places to visit, I received a message from one of the mothers of the children I met the previous day on the Mekong Delta trip and about which I wrote more here. Somehow shy, she invited us, together with the lady who accompanied the group of children, to have dinner together in town. There was no greater joy. We were to meet again with the beautiful people we had recently become friends with. We accepted the invitation on the spot and our plans for the rest of the day were canceled.

I’ve also given a ride through Ben Than Market for the last souvenirs.




We bought some slices of mango from a street vendor, and we walked around the streets nearby, always surprised by the beauty of people and places.





The hours of the evening founded us at a local restaurant, in the company of Vietnamese friends and children we had met the day before.



It was a beautiful evening, with gifts, laughing laughs, eating soup with sticks and with the surprise that the beautiful people prepared for me – to sing me Happy Birthday in the restaurant 🙂 Together, we have made plans for the next holiday that will surely include Vietnam.


Because the kids had to go to school the next day and it was already late, they invited us to a car ride through Ho Chi Minh and took us through areas that we had not seen. We hardly said goodbye to them and we were left to walk through the city that had begun to live. We walked the way to the hotel on foot and mingled with the locals who went out to walk late at night.




Being the last day we spent in Vietnam, we walked the streets late, we sat down and ate local fruits, enjoying the authenticity of the place 🙂


If you arrive in Vietnam, try to arrange a couple of days to spend in Ho Chi Minh. This city make you to fall in love with it for the first day. Yet, if you prefer something more relaxing, try to find a flight to Phu Quoc, wich is the biggest island in Vietnam, where you can find beaches with soft sand. You can find details here.

Until next time, I hug you!













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